Self-Care Games for Computer Users

You are encouraged to let go of external signals for a bit and focus on internal signals. In other words, take a small break from goal-oriented, extenally directed actions.

Trager self-care is a gentle relaxed process, that helps body signals be taken in. Milton Trager called it Mentastics, shortened from mental gymnastics. Body movements are relaxed, dance-like, and done with attention rather than tension. Goals are improved feedback, improved awareness, release of unneeded tension, and balancing of needed tension.

Four samples are included here. Two books can be used to explore much further.

1. Milton Trager and Cathy Guadagno-Hammond. "Trager Mentastics. Movement as a Way to Agelessness."

2. Audrey Mairi. "Trager for Self Healing. A Practical Guide for Living in the Present Moment."

Two self-care games illustrated below (butterfly and pelikan) show simple movement for particular body focus and connection.

For the Geometry Games one gets out of gravity while moving, supporting, and relaxing the back. Parts of this set can be used to add self-care during hands-on Trager sessions.

The Chinese Dragon game may appeal to those who enjoy or are good at imagery.

The Lazy Butterfly

The Pelikan Neck