TRAGER for Sexually Abused:

I just read a powerful book, "The Deepest Wound" by Linda Crockett. From the acknowledgements,

"David Haines faithfully negotiated the hidden mine fields of trauma stored intact within my body with gentle massage and Trager movement."...

"That today I live within my own flesh and not apart from it is in large measure due to my experiences in bodywork with David." Her interaction with David is described after page 336.

David and I have been friends since we met in a Beginning with Betty Fuller in August of 1983. I knew of his sensitive and careful work with abused individuals, but this description from the other side educated and deeply affected me.

New to me, with this client, asking permission to touch or move while she was on the table did not work, because her tormentor made her choose her "punishment." I also got more understanding of concept of or need for regressing until the therapist (not David) becomes the responsible "good parent."

Best, Joe Lee Griffin, Savannah, GA

Part of David's letter (Dec 13,'01) follows:

I want to let you know about a new book, written by a long-term client of mine, Linda Crockett. It is an amazing book, not easy to read. In fact her story will shock you but it will also inspire you to the extent that the human spirit can survive and grow. There is a chapter describing our initial work together using The Trager Approach. I hope very strongly that her story will reach out to those of us who, in the course of our lives, touch the wounded and bring the gift of healing to them. Her story also offers hope to those who have been abused.
David Haines

The book can be ordered from as well as the publisher. Linda expects it will be available on in a few weeks. The phone number is included below.

The Deepest Wound: How a Journey to El Salvador Led to Healing from Mother-Daughter Incest
Pub: November, 2001
Author: Linda Crockett
Non-fiction/Trade Paperback. Size: 6 x 9. Pages: 380. Price:$23.95.
ISBN: 0 595 19922-4. Available from On Demand Printing.

To Order call 1 877 823 9235.

"Accompaniment means to walk with those who suffer. I learned how to accompany refugees in war zones in El Salvador, offering protection against military attack with my physical presence. I learned how to be accompanied when my work in Central America became the catalyst for my own healing from years of sexual and physical abuse." ---Linda Crockett

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