The Trager® Approach

"When your body feels good, it works well. When it works well, it feels good.
What feels good is a most useful functional signal, often ignored.
Feeling good is an easier signal to take in and use than are signals like pain and tension.
Pain and tension indicate that things are not working well."

Notes on why, who, what, self-care movement, how, pain as signal, athletics, physical limitation, for abused, stroke recovery, physiological basis of benefits, performance artists, Trager® links, The Wetzig Body Operating System, bodywork as a spiritual practice, and feeling good.

Trager® Approach: Why? (390 words)

Trager®: Who is? (390 words)

Trager®: Changing Negative Cycles: A Success Story (429 words)

Trager® Approach: What is? (510 words)

Trager Mentastics: Self-Care Movement

Trager®: Physical limitation (790 words)

Trager®: Self-Care for Musicians and Performance Artists (1040 words)

Trager®: Movement reeducation (1860 words)

Trager®: Bodywork and Pain Signals(2070 words)

Trager®: For abused. Work of David Haines - A powerful book.

Trager®: For abused. Three stories.

Trager®: The functional basis for benefits.

Trager®: Communicating about the work.

Trager®: Trager Movement Helps Stroke Recovery

Trager®: Parkinson's and Self-Care

Trager®: Improving Athletic Performance (2600 words)

Trager®: Links

Trager® National Practitioners List

Bodywork as a Spiritual Process (1400 words)

Wetzig Body Operating System (1700 words)


Milton Trager, MD, practiced and taught
The Trager® Approach for seventy years.
He exemplified a positive relationship to his body.

The Trager® logo, calligraphy by t'ai chi master and Milton friend Al Chung-Liang Huang, is called Dancing Cloud and honors the potent lightness of the work. Al wrote the books "Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain"and "Quantum Soup."


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